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It doesn't exist as a conventional CPU that would plug into some sort of processor socket. Instead, it only shows up in a form suitable for soldering to a motherboard.

Asus ITX Review

It's also clocked much more slowly Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset other more conventional Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset CPUs that you can buy separately. It doesn't really compete with Intel's Atom CPU on a power usage scale, and it doesn't have a lot of high performance features such as multiple cores either. All it really has to offer is somewhat better performance than the Atom CPU does, and that's a little bit debatable with regard to the latest dual core Atom CPUs. I'm very strongly of the opinion that the Celeron CPU is insufficiently appreciated.


Everywhere I go I hear people talking the Celeron processor down. The simple fact of the matter is that the Celeron is very good--if not absolutely brilliant--value for the money.


You can build a very competent computer on a thin budget with one, and it's very likely that you won't know it's a Celeron unless you look for it. All of these people would do well to participate in a blind trial where they do not know and cannot find out Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset one system is a Celeron and the other something more high end.

I am confident that Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset would end up surprised. Intel doesn't really even seem to care that much about their Celeron They've only ever produced one motherboard using it, and that board is no longer available today.


Most other motherboard makers have ignored it. However, Asus continues to produce a motherboard utilizing the Celeron processor.

This is their ITX motherboard. In a nutshell, their combination of the Celeron and an Intel GC Express chipset on the ITX product is to use the Queen's English a bloody brilliant Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset that is outstanding value for the money. That is why it is unfortunate that the mainstream reviewer websites have largely ignored this excellent little motherboard.

ASUS ITX - motherboard - mini ITX - Intel Celeron - iGC Overview - CNET

Which brings me to this. They're a lot less fiddly than depending upon USB to do the same thing in my experience.

Asus didn't put a parallel port on this board, but they did include a good old serial port. In fact, there isn't even a header to which an optional external Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset port could be added later. So if you need Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset parallel port, you'll have to skip this board or use either a USB to parallel adapter or put a parallel port adapter card in the lone PCI slot. You get Intel's GMA integrated graphics from the built in chipset. There is no PCI Express slot with which to add a graphics adapter of your own, should you decide that the onboard video is not sufficient for your needs.

For the price and form factor, you really can't expect their to be such a thing. Also missing from the board is a PATA channel. This isn't a huge loss, but when you have only two SATA ports, the lack of a PATA channel means that you can only have one hard disk if you want an optical drive A SATA port multiplier might not even be supported by this board. Still lacking from this board is RAID support, which, Asus ITX-220 Intel Chipset, isn't a huge loss but it is a limitation nevertheless if you want to use this board as the basis for an energy efficient low end server of some type.

Intel® Celeron on board; Intel® GC/ ICH7 chipset; 2 x DDR2 DIMM sockets support up to 4GB of system memory; High Speed Gigabit Lan connectivity. Buy ASUS ITX Celeron onboard M Intel GC Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU Combo with fast shipping and top-rated customer you know.

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