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LTE signal strength. LTE not available everywhere.

INTC is a world leader in computing innovation. Additional information about Intel is available at newsroom. Read More A History of Firsts: Read Asus ME-99B Connecting Rural America: At a first glance it is disguised as box material but it can be used as a simple Asus ME-99B stand. The manufacturer does not offer warranty extensions.

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You can also use it comfortably in portrait mode. The virtual keyboard of the Asus offers conveniently sized keys and is easy to handle.

Asus ME-99B Especially practical and already familiar from other Asus devices like the Phonepad: Above the letters is a row with numbers, similar to Asus ME-99B standard keyboard. The annoying switching between letters and numbers is gone.

Asus MeMoPad 7 ME572C review

The automatic rotation - which can be deactivated - works reliably with a slight delay. The bottom area is reserved for Android control buttons and holding the symbol for the previously used applications creates a screenshot. Simultaneous downloading and installing of Apps from the Play Store leads to jerking and complex web pages have problems with smooth scrolling. Display Still readable under direct sunlight. The resolution is x pixels widescreen and the pixel density is sufficient with ppi. The brightness distribution is very consistent.

In US models, you'll still see 16GB of built-in storage You can use any of these devices for navigation so long as you have offline maps; many rivals, including iPads, can't do that unless you buy their cellular-equipped variants. Display and sound Although the Asus ME-99B Pad 7 and 8 are separated by an inch in screen size, you get the same basic display technology: Neither tablet's screen is especially sharp the Nexus 7 and Dell's Venue 8 have much crisper-looking 1, x 1, panelsbut they're reasonably attractive for the price you're paying.

ASUS MEB User Manual (English) E v.E download

Both deliver rich colors that aren't overdone, and you only really lose brightness when you look at them from sharp angles. There are a few practical differences beyond the raw surface area, mind Asus ME-99B.

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The Pad 8's display is a bit brighter, at a high nits versus Either model is easily visible indoors, but you'll definitely want the larger slab if you venture outside. I also noticed Asus ME-99B the Pad 8 had a warmer, slightly yellowish color cast out of the box, although ASUS' Splendid screen utility makes it easy to dial that out.

Really, it all comes down to dimensions. Just how much Asus ME-99B real estate do you need?


Clearly the Taiwanese manufacturer knows better than to mess with a winning formula. Since Asus released the original Nexus 7 back inthe market for budget Android tablets has changed Asus ME-99B significantly.


Where the difference really lies between this and the Asus ME-99B tablets in the MeMoPad range is the design. Asus has trimmed the chassis down to 8. MEB. Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT MEB User Manual (English) E Downloaded.

MEB. Support. MEB. Product Support for.


MEB. Select Other Model. Quickly access your product support. REGISTER YOUR PRODUCT.

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