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ASUS also recently outed a display docking monitorthough we've ASUS PadFone no word on pricing or availability. The circuitry inside is quite a sight: Similar to its Transformer cousins, the PadFone's tablet and keyboard dock both pack a 7. However, since the system's rated at just 3. There are also two noteworthy discoveries inside the PadFone Station that we'd like to share.

First, underneath the back chassis, we spotted a dual-GPS antenna implementation which, according to our friends over at AnandTech, is a rare sight on mobile devices. While in most cases our PadFone gets a good GPS lock-on within about 10 seconds in either mode, it's still a tad quicker and more accurate when the phone's outside the pad. Hey, at least it works! And while we're talking about antennas, the PadFone Station ASUS PadFone has an external 3G antenna sourced from Inpaq that traces back to three metal contact pins in the phone chamber, where they touch the metal contacts on the bottom left of the phone. We haven't noticed any significant signal drop when putting the phone into the tablet, so it looks like this feature is serving its purpose well. The other cool feature inside the PadFone Station is its impressively loud monospeaker -- much louder than the ones on the original Transformer and the Transformer Prime.

This is all thanks to the ingenuity of ASUS' Golden Ear team who managed to pack a 36mm driver and its own little sound chamber inside such a tight space. We reached out to the team's senior director Henry Huang pictured lefta man who's spent 27 years in the audio industry, to give us a little background on this feature: We arrange a long path for back wave by internal structure and PCB. Transmission line box is unique and expensive design which is rare.

Only high-end loudspeakers such as Tannoy Westminster apply this design. The team creates as much space as ASUS PadFone for the audio chamber ASUS PadFone the loudspeaker on the PadFone phone has oneand at the same time they employ the biggest possible speaker driver that they can fit in for the sake of better audio reproduction. Huang reminded us that professional grade audio equipment like loudspeakers, amplifiers and turntables are intentionally big and heavy for stability, which was why he took the liberty of criticizing a minuscule Zylux speaker driver that pretty much all of ASUS' competitors use though funnily enough, Zylux's website lists ASUS as a general customer -- awkward!

With the company placing audio quality before other aspects in some of their product lines, the Golden Ear team doesn't hold back on the size of the speakers.

They'd often debate with the engineers over how much space the audio parts should get in upcoming devices. The engineers would then eventually come up with a solution that Huang claims offers no sacrifices. ASUS PadFone left to do then is to strategically place the speakers to avoid mechanical and electromagnetic interference, ASUS PadFone obviously the last thing you want is data loss or annoying noises. The end result is surprisingly loud and punchy sound with very little distortion. Alas, it's a shame that the PadFone Station's speaker is facing away from the user by design, so you'd want to be facing a wall to get the most out of it from the reflection.

Wired headset Alternatively, you can just use the PadFone's wired headset. If the PadFone S is considered thick, then its docking station could be considered practically monstrous. While the tablet itself is only This results in a tablet that is effectively thicker than most Ultrabooks and even some multimedia notebooks.

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It could be due to the extra battery in the dock, but nonetheless, most users will find the tablet to be too bulky for practical use. The combined weight of ASUS PadFone docked PadFone S is not flattering either.

Asus PadFone S

The dock weighs g - more than three times the PadFone S. Combined, the two ASUS PadFone g, which by current standards, is too heavy ASUS PadFone everyday tablet use. This gives it a pixel density of ppi, which yields very crisp and sharp images; pixels are indiscernible under such pixel density. So far with my experience, and I have a lot of it when it comes to phones and computers, I just could not get the youtube app working at all. I mean I can open the app, find a video, but when I try to play it I did however find some apps and apks that would let me download youtube videos instead and I just watch them after which wasn't too bad but it did require patience, Then I later found out chrome can play youtube perfectly in the chrome browser ever though most people that i've read about online said they haven't gotten it to work.

ASUS PadFone review

So it seems like playing Russian Roulette on finding a Padfone that works with Youtube. So if your a Huge Youtube person that could be deal breaker. With all this said if you really are on the edge of deciding to buy this or not Do some research, look online for reviews ASUS PadFone youtube videos. So the only problems I have is mostly with Storage because It can't store a lot of on the actual device, but I do have a 64gb sd card, so the SD card holds all my pictures and videos while the device holds apps. I found apps and Apks and found that my Google Chrome works with youtube, although not everyone has had the same luck. It can't handle High Intense games: I'm not really a high intense gaming person so that never bothered me. Oh one more thing. It's more like holding a magnifier and amplifier to a phone. The ram, storage, graphics, almost all of it is really in the phone but plugging it into the docking station, just makes it bigger and louder.

It doesn't add storage or increase graphic performance, again it's almost just like holding an advanced magnifier and amplifier to the phone.

Also known as Asus PadFone S PFKL. - Padfone Station with 9 inches IPS display, x pixels, mAh battery, front camera.


ASUS PadFone PadFone S - user opinions and reviews. A powerful & enhanced mobile experience–Meet the PadFone S, the unique ASUS innovation that combines the best of the smartphone and tablet.

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