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I have done a ton of research about you issue and was writing and awesome step by step guide including links to everything I looked Asus Z96H Graphics and what I was looking for, what worked and what didn't. Now since I lost it I am going to have to go back to square one and see if I can remake it.


Forgive me if I am not super detailed in my response. I will write this post Asus Z96H Graphics a text editor and copy it over when I wish to post it so I don't loose it. I hope Asus Z96H Graphics post is not too remedial for you, and if needed I can clarify this post in much more detail. Just let me know. To understand how Windows and Linux are different you will need to understand what Windows and Linux are.


Computers are made up of 2 things, Hardware and Software. Every computer has a Motherboard, Memory, Hard drive, Monitor, etc.

ASUS Z96Js Notebook Drivers Download and Update for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista

These are physical components that you can physically see and touch. All these components are called Hardware. Software is a broad term and can be broken down into many categories such as Operating Systems, Shells, Firmware, Embedded Software, etc. Microsoft Windows and Linux are both Operating Systems. In a very basic way of defining it, an Operating System is a user friendly interface to allow the user to control the hardware of the Computer. In other words Windows and Linux make it easy for you Asus Z96H Graphics control the physical components of your laptop.

Asus Z96H Manual(English Edition) E2763b for MS-DOS/WinXP

With that being said clearly you can not have 2 Operating Systems going at the same time on the same hardware. They will conflict each other and one will fail to work. Since you Asus Z96H Graphics only have 1 Operating Systems going at a time, it could be assumed that if you make changes in 1 Operating System Asus Z96H Graphics will not effect the other since the other Operating System is not running to know a change has been made. In addition to the fact that only 1 Operating System can be running on the Hardware of a Computer at any given time, you need to understand you Hard Drive Layout.

Asus F5v Laptop Schematic Diagram - Wiring Diagram Site

If the hard drive is not as bootable drive and is only Asus Z96H Graphics for Storage the MBR is blank, but it is still there. If a hard drive is bootable, the MBR cantains information about what Operating systems exist on the Hard drive, where they are located, and what files need to be read to start the boot process.

In addition to the MBR, every hard drive has a minimum of 1 Asus Z96H Graphics. Think of a partition as a container to put data into. Each Operating System requires a minimum of 1 partition that is for that Operating System only. The 1 partition each operating system requires is where Asus Z96H Graphics will put all the files that 1 Operating system needs to run.

Asus B53E Notebook Fast BootTwo Ways to Free Download ASUS Z96Js Notebook Driver
GIGABYTE GA-8VT880-LHave a question?

An Operating System or Hard drive can have as many partitons as you want, but requires a minumum 1. Now you have done what is called a Dual Boot. A Dual Boot is where you have Asus Z96H Graphics than 1 Operating System install on the primary hard drive of a Computer, which allows you to select which Operating System you want to run when the Computer is turned on.

Now in my last paragraph I stated that each Operating system requires a minimum of 1 partition for itself. So since you have Windows and Linux installed on your laptop that means your hard drive has a minimum of 2 Partitions, 1 for Windows and 1 for Linux. It Asus Z96H Graphics possible that you have more, and is actually likely since you have Linux installed, but at the bare minimum you have 2 partitions. Remember I said to think Asus Z96H Graphics a partiton as a container. So Both Windows and Linux have a partition, that means every for Windows is in 1 container Partition and everything for Linux is in another container Partition.

The data is seperate. This data includes configuration files.

Asus Drivers Download

Since the data is seperate, Both Windows and Linux operate independently of each other. Meaning if you make a Asus Z96H Graphics change in Windows, that does not mean that same configuration change was made in Linux. With that being Asus Z96H Graphics, do you understand why you can change your screen resolution in Windows and it works, but it does not work in Linux? If you still do not understand, please let me know and I will go into moe detail and explain it better. Well there is some key information that is needed to get you sorted out. What type of Laptop do you have?

What Monitor and Video Card are installed in this laptop", similar technologies and services which are essential to ASUS websites. Some of functions. ROG Strix Radeon RX TOP edition 8GB GDDR5 with Aura Sync RGB for best VR & 4K gaming.

ROG-STRIX-RXO8G-GAMING. ROG Strix Radeon RX  Missing: Z96H.

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