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I opened my FP up took some careful work to get it disassembled.

And here's what you'll probably have. You'll find two circuit boards behind the LCD Benq Monitor FP767 in a metal mount, once removed, the larger of the two boards has a number of transisters, capacitors, and heat sinks.


The culprit of this particular case is a couple of capacitors that are sitting right in the middle of a cluster of heat sinks for some transistors near the top of Benq Monitor FP767 card. The problem here is that the capacitors used by BENQ were low temperature capacitors not really suited for the heat being radiated by the concentration of Sinks.

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So while the monitor may work spectacularly, it's only a matter of time before it was doomed to fail. I suggest you do not attempt to remove the boards yourselves. I had to unplug half a dozen Benq Monitor FP767 cables, disconnect some grounding wires, and carefully slide the connection bridge between the two boards apart in order to separate them. I was operating under the premise that if it can be fixed, yay. If not, well, it's broken anyway, let's Benq Monitor FP767 'er up!

You best bet is to go hunt down a local TV repair place and turn the monitor in to them for repairs. It'll cost Benq Monitor FP767 little, but not as much as it cost to purchase a new LCD display.

If you want a rough Idea where the Benq Monitor FP767 capacitors are without opening the beast up, just listen for them. Or rest your hand right on top of the monitor and it's vent holes, and feel for the big heat source.


They're only an inch or two in from there. Remove the two or three screws that secure the base to the bottom of the monitor using Benq Monitor FP767 Phillips screwdriver. Remove the base and set it aside.

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Locate the rubber grommets on the outer edges of the rear screen bezel. On most BenQ monitors, there are between six and eight grommets you must remove to access the screws securing the front and rear bezel pieces. Use the awl or scribe to pry out the rubber grommets gently. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove all the retaining screws exposed when you removed the rubber grommets. Flip the monitor over so that the screen is facing upward. Use the awl or scribe to separate the front and rear screen bezel pieces carefully. After you remove Benq Monitor FP767 retaining screws from the rear of the monitor, the two bezel pieces should separate easily. However, be careful while working your way around the edges of the monitor with the awl or scribe to avoid breaking the small plastic tabs Benq Monitor FP767 help secure the front and rear bezel pieces.

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After you gently pry apart the two bezel pieces, disconnect the menu interface cable from the main circuit board if the monitor has oneremove the front bezel piece and set it aside. Loosen and remove Benq Monitor FP767 screws securing the clips for the backlight lamp with the Phillips screwdriver.

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Remove the clips, and then slide the backlight lamp out of its tray and set it aside. Loosen the screws fastening the LCD inverter to the monitor chassis. Remove the LCD inverter board. Disconnect the primary video display cable running from the bottom of the screen to the main circuit board. Unplug the black or red power cable Benq Monitor FP767 runs to the circuit board as well.

BenQ FP Part Number: FPV2 BLACK. General.

Display Type. LCD monitor / TFT active matrix.

How to Disassemble a BenQ LCD Monitor

Native Resolution. x Contrast Ratio. BenQ FP - LCD monitor - 17" overview and full product specs on CNET.

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