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Network Management Owner: Group Policy Machine Network Profile: The PCI device information is displayed by lspci with the following commands: This section describes the available configuration functions Broadcom NetXtreme-C are available. This manual is also suitable for: Comments to this Manuals Your Name: Enter text from picture: Latest comments: Print page 1 Print document 58 pages. Cancel Delete.


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Defaults to a randomly generated value which is generated for each device during attach. If the firmware Broadcom NetXtreme-C an older version, a warning will be printed, and the firmware should be upgraded. Defaults to 1.

[dpdk-dev,v2,01/40] bnxt: new driver for Broadcom NetXtreme-C devices - Patchwork

These sysctl 8 variables are read-only: The minimum Broadcom NetXtreme-C driver is written against may be missing features provided in later API updates. For example, 1.

  • Linux/bnxt_dim.c at master · torvalds/linux · GitHub
  • CONFIG_BNXT: Broadcom NetXtreme-C/E support
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If you want to be warned if the version Broadcom NetXtreme-C too old for what you need, you could set this. If not, a system reboot would likely be required.


Yeah, this is a matter of tracking down someone who knows how this field is populated and getting it documented. Heh, I was getting errors in my universe builds from it at one point then I forgot I had commented it out. If the firmware doesn't support a given feature, I would expect an attempt to enable or configure that feature to fail, loudly and informatively. IMHO, the version should be hardcoded to whatever firmware API version the driver was actually written against, and warnings should be unconditional if the firmware API doesn't support the attempted operation. I'd actually like to have a 'devctl reset' command, but I'm far less certain of how that should work for a device for which a driver is attached. Broadcom NetXtreme-C drivers probably can tolerate a reset if they are notified in some way.

Broadcom NetXtreme-C Manuals

Please start new sentences on a new line. Both of these sentences start with "This", which is indefinite and can make it hard to tell which thing is being talked about. Better to replace Broadcom NetXtreme-C second one with something more definite, like "The value is a comma Again, the repeated "This". Seeing now that these are items in a table list, I suggest that such tables usually read better when the "this" is removed from the description. Also, please start new sentences on new lines.

Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme C-Series 10/25/40/50G QSFP28 Ethernet PC - Citrix Hypervisor HCL

NetXtreme C-Series Eases Transition to 25/50G Ethernet in Cloud Scale Networks. By: Jim Dworkin Posted: July 27, NetXtreme-UG 3.

NetXtreme-C/NetXtreme-E User Guide. Table of Contents.

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1 Regulatory and Safety Approvals.

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