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Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
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After all, the original goal was to write rock-solid unit tests for clipboard code. I wanted a more reliable tool to copy data from Draytek Vigor520 to the clipboard in arbitrary formats. I needed more control.

GTKwifi is goodvery good

And, most important of all, I was in the mood for reinventing wheels really fancy ones, of course. Their signatures are as follows: This looks so trivial that I had my strategy laid out almost immediately: I would allocate a global memory block using GlobalAlloc. Then I would read Draytek Vigor520 clipboard data from a file into that block, and finally call SetClipboardData - like in the following code: GlobalLock hMem ; if! SetClipboardData clipid, hClip ;:: I slapped the usual boilerplate code for a console app onto the above, and ran my first successful tests: I could read text from the clipboard, and post text to it just fine.

However, several formats stubbornly refused to cooperate. In particular, the really useful stuff, like metafiles.


What was going on? When calling GetClipboardData for these formats, Draytek Vigor520 code that interprets the returned handle as a global memory handle flatly falls on its face.

It turns out that I had jumped to conclusions way Draytek Vigor520 early when I read the first few lines of the SetClipboardData documentation - some of those clipboard handles are actually anything but memory handles! Examples for such formats: How I learnt to peacefully coexist with all the various classes of clipboard formats. Pasting my own dogfood, part 2 09 Apr YesterdayI introduced the problem of how to automatically test Windows clipboard code in applications. The idea is to move from manual and error-prone clickety-click style testing to an automatic process which produces reliable results.

Unbeknownst to many, Windows ships with a fairly interesting tool called the ClipBook Viewer clipbrd. This is quite helpful while developing and debugging clipboard code. CLP files and load them back into Draytek Vigor520 clipboard later.

Draytek Vigor520 Which, in fact, is almost all we need to thoroughly and reliably test clipboard code: We run some apps which produce a good variety of clipboard formats which our own application needs to deal with. Once we have created a reasonably-sized clipboard file library, we run ClipBook viewer and load each one of those clipboard files in turn.

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After loading, we switch to our own app, paste the data and check whether the incoming data Draytek Vigor520 sense to us. Not bad at all!

If Draytek Vigor520 knows about such interfaces, I'm certainly most interested to hear about them. Luck would have it that only recently, I blogged about poor man's automation via SendKeys.


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