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Small usually means sacrificing features and quality, but in this case, this may be one of the better Hikvision cameras I reviewed. Also included is a microSD card slot that can hold up to a 64GB card.

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Lens choice is personal, but consider the wider angle the lens, the less pixel density of a suspect or object. Indoors, where space is limited by walls, having the 2. This camera came with the 5. Has worked for some and not Hikvision DS-2CD2542FWD-(I)(W)(S) Network Camera. You can downgrade the firmware to prior versions if you have a Mac. A quick look at the parts.

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Also has the 12V connector if you chose Hikvision DS-2CD2542FWD-(I)(W)(S) Network Camera to use PoE. The backing plate is used to install the camera by screwing the backing plate to where you want it mounted, then attaching the camera to it with 2 screws. The lens adjustment tool is provided to help aim and rotate the lens. The microSD card slots is in the back of the camera as shown.


If you are not sure which version you are getting, ask the reseller as some are more upfront about this than others. The next tab over, Time Settings is where you set the time zone and if you want it to sync Hikvision DS-2CD2542FWD-(I)(W)(S) Network Camera with a time server NTP. I always use a time server to make sure the cameras are in sync when I review video. Video settings is where you change the resolution, frame rate, bit rate. The lower the number means higher compression is used to Hikvision DS-2CD2542FWD-(I)(W)(S) Network Camera that goal, higher number means less compression. To me, does a decent job, is significantly better and somewhere in between is where I typically set most of my 3MP cameras.

Stream type is where you chose which stream you want to change settings for.

For example, when viewing the camera remotely, I like to use the Hikvision DS-2CD2542FWD-(I)(W)(S) Network Camera stream to reduce bandwidth use. Where I spent a lot of time tweaking is in the Image menus. This is where you adjust the camera settings to get the best image quality possible for specific locations. The Image Adjustments is what has the most impact. You can see I turn Sharpness down a bit. The reason is that sharpening may make a prettier picture, but sharpening artifacts can reduce the ability to identify an object or suspect so I prefer to do sharpening after the fact in Photoshop or other tools. At night sharpening enhances Hikvision DS-2CD2542FWD-(I)(W)(S) Network Camera so if you wish to reduce noise at night, consider reducing sharpening. Then next item in the Image menus is Exposure Settings.

Gain comes by default at but found no benefit of reducing this number. It reduced noise slightly but at the expense of image brightness.

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BLC is used when your image is very dark because of backlighting, like the sun is making everything into a shadow. WDR works differently by brightening shadows and darkening overly bright areas to provide more balance.

The downside to WDR is that at night, it may introduce more noise into your image. One more menu I want to show you. Under Image Enhancement, I would recommend you set the noise reduction slider to I did not notice any ill effects from doing so and did make a difference in noise reduction at night. To setup motion detect events to record to the microSD card or NAS, the Events menu option lets you chose Hikvision DS-2CD2542FWD-(I)(W)(S) Network Camera motion detect area as a series of squares. Can be separate squares or contiguous like I have it below. To record, you have to select the Trigger Channel check box at the bottom.

Hikvision Network Cameras Guide - VueVille

I set sensitivity at 20 and that works for me. Setting it to 40 was way to sensitive and got way to many false alerts. Adjust this to what works for each camera location.


Next, go to the Storage menus and Record Schedule and select how much pre and post event video to record as well as make sure the recording schedule is all green like this. If not, click the Edit button and set h for each day you want to record. You can set how much Hikvision DS-2CD2542FWD-(I)(W)(S) Network Camera the card you want to use. If you set everything up correctly, the camera should start recording video when motion is detected. This is an actual recording that was captured when the big brown truck drove by.

To export video, click on the small filmstrip looking icon just above the timeline on the right. Output, Alarm IO.

l -W: Built-in Wi-Fi. l Mobile Monitoring via EZVIZ P2P or Hik-Connect. Specification; Download; Online Support. DS-2CDFWD-I(W)(S). DS-2CDFWD-I (W)(S). 4MP WDR Mini Dome Network Camera. ○. Up to 4 megapixel high resolution.

○. Full HDp video.

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○. Dual video streams. ○.

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