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Gigabyte X11 pictures and hands-on

Gigabyte thinks it has the answer in the form of the X11 -- an inch machine made entirely from carbon fibre, which is not only extremely slim, but also the lightest ultrabook I've seen. It's packed with the latest components for some seriously impressive power. And at just over a grand, it's fairly reasonably Gigabyte X11 Notebook Touchpad, compared to other ultrabooks out there.


Although its design and performance make me want to give it an amazing score, there are a couple of small issues with the keyboard and trackpad that prevent it from getting full marks. My review model is an early build that's been constructed entirely by hand, rather than by accurate robots. If these problems are resolved on the final model, I will be updating the review to potentially give it an extremely rare five stars. Design and build If you've been scouting around laptop reviews looking for the lightest machine you can find to keep your hand luggage down to a manageable level, then you've finally come to the right place. The X11 weighs a mere g, making it lighter than a standard bag of sugar and considerably less weighty than most laptops, and indeed most other ultrabooks on the market.

Gigabyte proudly boasts that it's the lightest ultrabook in the world -- I reckon that's probably true. By comparison, the super-skinny Apple MacBook Air tips the scales at 1. Admittedly, we're talking only a small handful of grams between each one and you might not notice the difference in everyday use, but if you're trying to save as much weight as possible, then the X11 is Gigabyte X11 Notebook Touchpad one to go for. It's deliciously slim, tapering to just 3mm at its narrowest point. It's also extremely slim, measuring only 16mm at its fattest point and narrowing down to a razor-sharp 3mm at the front edge. It's an inch machine so it's easily small enough to fit into a tiny backpack, or hide among your books in one of those fashionable messenger-style shoulder bags.

The reason that it's so light is the aforementioned carbon fibre. If you're not up on your modern materials, it's the same stuff used in supercars, from Lamborghinis to Ferraris, as well as high-performance sports equipment. The reason it's used in such elite equipment is due not only to the fact that it's much lighter than materials like aluminium, but it's also extremely strong. I wouldn't have been in the best of favour with Gigabyte if I'd chucked their new laptop out of the window to test its strength, but it certainly feels well put together. There's very little flex in the lid and none at all in the keyboard and wrist rest.

Gigabyte unveils "world's lightest" carbon fiber notebook

Look and feel Gigabyte really talked up the sports car stylings of the X11, but this machine is clean and sleek rather than loud and gaudy like Acer's Ferrari-branded range. In fact, we'd go so far as to say this is one of the most elegantly designed units we've come across, not straying too far Gigabyte X11 Notebook Touchpad the MacBook Gigabyte X11 Notebook Touchpad clean lines. It comes wrapped in a similarly carbon fiber-esque sleeve, which makes it look deceptively like the owner's manual for a hypercar rather than an ultra-svelte notebook. The model we tested isn't a production-line unit, but rather a hand-built exemplar for reviewers.

It weighs in at grams 2.

Gigabyte X11

Gigabyte X11 Notebook Touchpad, given the speed at which these devices are being developed, we doubt it will maintain that title for very long. The only other difference, we're told, is that the finished model will have a Windows 8-style keyboard with Microsoft's new logo, rather than the bilingual one you'll see in our photos.

Gigabyte X11 Notebook Touchpad The Gigabyte X11 Notebook Touchpad wedge-shaped body is 13mm 0. A chrome hinge holds two pairs of "sports car" air vents, which look far more attractive than the cooling system you see on most devices. The minimalist design touches and the woven carbon fiber pattern make the X11 look every inch the high-end device -- in fact, we think this device would be right at home placed beside Vertu smartphones and mountain goat-hair-lined Armani suits in a top-line department store; it's that good looking.

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Brother MFC-L9570CDWTTDesign and build

Running down the left side are power, USB 3. The latter is an unusual choice, but other inchers like the Zenbook Prime UX21A forgo a memory card slot altogether, so it's at least nice to have removable storage to supplement the non-expandable GB SSD.

Above it, front and center, is a 1. Still, it'll do for those quick-and-dirty Skype chats you invariably have when you get a new device.

For all its good looks, the X11 causes a fair share of headaches when you actually get it in your hands. First up, while carbon fiber is strong and light, it also lacks a certain rigidity. We could bend the lid a good five degrees before we encountered resistance -- and we only stopped there for fear of breaking the device. The bottom plate is secured with six mounting screws, but -- at least on our hand-built review unit -- it doesn't match the frame it's attached to. That means that one side can be pushed in several millimeters with an Gigabyte X11 Notebook Touchpad creak, a build-quality issue that Gigabyte says has been fixed in the production-line models. Glossy products are legendary for attracting fingerprint smears, and this device's shell made Gigabyte X11 Notebook Touchpad look as if we suffered from a sweating condition even after we'd dried our hands to the bone.

GIGABYTE X11 - Full Carbon Fiber, The Lightest on Earth Notebook Large Responsive Glass Fiber Multi-Touch Touchpad. X11 is equipped with a large. Gallery: Gigabyte X11 Review Gallery 15 Photos but it Gigabyte X11 Notebook Touchpad out with a bad keyboard and trackpad, poor build quality and dismal battery life. like the owner's manual for a hypercar rather than an ultra-svelte notebook.‎Look and feel · ‎Keyboard and trackpad · ‎Display and sound.


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