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Supported systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit
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Before installing the black plastic "inside housing", apply dielectric grease provided into all of the plugs and sockets that are described below. Connect the ribbon cable plug into its socket located on the inside Level One WPS-9123 circuit board, then connect the Auxiliary Power, Remote Release, and External Relay Contact plugs into their respective sockets shown in Fig. These plugs and sockets fit only one way -- do not force any connections.


Do not allow wires to cross or lay on top of each other. Before tightening any of the screws or bolts described Level One WPS-9123, jiggle the ribbon cable and all other wiring to ensure wires are not pinched.

Level One WNC-0302USB Drivers for Windows 8 (32bit 64 bit)

Insert the battery pack into inside housing as shown in Fig. Connect the battery pack plug to the circuit board battery plug as shown in Fig. Note that upon connection of the Level One WPS-9123 pack, you will hear three beeps.


A division of the Napco Security Technologies, Inc. Ground Shown above for reference only 2. Instead of distributing metal keys, add User Codes to the lock's memory and distribute them to Users. Instead of collecting metal keys, simply delete the User Codes from the lock memory. Two white wires short to activate. External Relay Contacts Wire colors are as follows: Lock will not accept new codes during programming. Level One WPS-9123 drains batteries quickly. Check for pinched or cut wires. Check for water damage.

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If condition persists, consult factory. Check batteries for proper polarity and check for pinched or cut wires.

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Momentarily short to unlock, thus allowing the person to pass through door. These Remote Release wires are enabled from the factory. See Level One WPS-9123 lock programming instructions for additional information. Lock sounds "pulsing beeps" with red flickering LED during lock operation. Low battery signal - replace batteries. Lock is not centered on door.

Unable to assemble outside lever. Latch will not fully retract. Key binds in lock. Check for proper Level One WPS-9123 and proper orientation of tailpiece. Battery packs are available in two types: A "sealed" battery pack that must be discarded if found to be weak, or a "user-serviceable" pack that can be disassembled and refilled with four 4 C-cell batteries use alkaline batteries only. With the batteries disconnected, hold down the ; key for 10 seconds and release. Connect the batteries and listen for 3 beeps. Within 5 seconds of hearing the 3 beeps, press and hold ; until beeping starts.

This will clear the lock of all programmed data. If you do Level One WPS-9123 hear these 3 beeps, you must start over at step 2. Listen for another series of beeps and LED flashes followed by 10 seconds of silence. The lock is Level One WPS-9123 ready to program. Failure to follow this exact procedure can result in erratic lock behavior.

Disconnect battery pack connector. With battery power disconnected, press and hold down ; for 10 seconds to ensure discharge of all capacitors. Re-connect battery pack lock will sound 3 short beeps. Description, Admin and Client utility software for: FPS FPS FPS WPS WPS WPS Product, 2 USB + 1 Parallel Level One WPS-9123.

Wireless Multi-Port Print Server -- LevelOne WPS is a desktop-sized Ethernet print server that is designed for office environment. With the built-in two USB.

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