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Type: Driver
File Name: lg_gh22np20_10641.zip
File Size: 15.7 MB
12 (3.14)
Downloads: 11
Supported systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10, Windows 10 64 bit
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Windows Vista It's back again. The new disc drive that my Dad got me is now having the exact same problem that my older disc drive is having.

CD-ROM/DVD Drive doesn't detect/read any discs

I went through the same process I did before with the LG GH22NP20 ODD drive. I checked for viruses, adware, and repaired and fixed and cleaned registry errors and stuff.

I also tried disconnecting and reconnecting the LG GH22NP20 ODD to and from the Motherboard. It still wasn't able to detect any discs put into it. Download the latest version posted highest number.

Multi LG Gh22np20 write speed issues - VideoHelp Forum

The firmware for all recent drives works with Windows. Before running LG GH22NP20 ODD update, make sure the drive is empty. Close as many programs running the background as you can.


Run the downloaded executable file to start the update. The splash screen appears. The drive activity light flashes for a while and it sounds as LG GH22NP20 ODD things are progressing.

Then the drive gets into a funky pattern: Only the Ubuntu That drive boots the I downloaded the No change - it still won't boot the Are LG drives known to be problematic with Ubuntu? If I go out and buy LG GH22NP20 ODD new drive, should I avoid LG products?

Perhaps I'l try burning the You'll see a menu with all those Try, Install options. First of all check the disc for defects.

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If you think so, you can try with USB drive, if you've got one. I have that drive, manufactured in December and purchased shortly thereafter. It has given me sterling service in a number of machines over the years, running a variety of distros and versions of Ubuntu. I've never had a problem with it that I can remember, except for an issue with an external USB enclosure but that's a problem with the enclosure, not the drive. I'll put it in one of my desktops later and see LG GH22NP20 ODD happens when booting up from the That may not be for some hours, but I will post back. LG GH22NP20 ODD

It didn't take that long - I LG GH22NP20 ODD a spare 20 minutes. I'm posting from the But I hardly think that using a CD would be the problem. So - this particular model of LG drive is not the issue.

[ubuntu] LiveCD won't boot with some LG drives [Archive] - Ubuntu Forums

Glad to hear it works for you. Mine has given me no problems LG GH22NP20 ODD the past using Gentoo distros and other various CD tools. This roadblock with the Same result - I tried setting "noapic". I discovered that pressing ESC during the boot process while my drive is doing its repetitive seek-spinup-seek-spinup schtick makes the purple splash screen disappear and a console log appears. The log reports lots of stdin: Good suggestion re booting from USB.

It boots the Out of curiosity, I burned the The disc spins and I hear the head seeking, but nothing - not even the Ubuntu splash screen. It's interesting that a pressed CD reads OK LG GH22NP20 ODD not your burnt Buy TheGuy LG GH22NP20 DVDRW Dual Layer 2MB Internal " IDE Black Optical Drive ODD: Internal DVD Drives - ✓ FREE DELIVERY. Find great deals for LG GH22NP20 Dvd±rw LG GH22NP20 ODD Layer 2mb Internal ″ IDE Black Optical Drive Odd. Shop with confidence on eBay!

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