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With the 50CX we found that the True Cinema viewing mode, along with Warm2 colour temperature, a gamma of 2.

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You will need to set the backlight to suit your viewing environment and we found 8 was about right for dark room viewing and 20 was best for normal living room viewing in our premises. However you may find you Panasonic Viera TH-55CX700S TV to go higher if you have lots of ambient light. Remember that using brighter and more vivid picture and colour modes will more easily highlight inherent LCD TV issues like uniformity, banding and so on. Setting your picture correctly will mitigate common issues as well as making poor content look slightly better. This includes switching off items like Adaptive backlight controls, ambient sensors and so on.

Panasonic Viera TH-55CX700S TV


We advise that you follow our Picture Perfect guide to set your TV for your room and lighting correctly. You can see the settings we have gone with for this sample in the video.

Panasonic TX-55CX700

Calibration Pre-calibration As this is the first Panasonic TV we have seen this year, and with Panasonic going with the creators intent message, we were interested in seeing just how close to the industry standards the out of the box settings would get when set up for our room. They are the settings above for dark viewing. Errors were more than acceptable for an out of the box preset with all under 3 deltaE. Gamma was a little less co-operative with a well-defined S-curve and a washed out higher end. In terms of colour gamut the True Cinema selection was again excellent for an out of the box preset and presented colours in a more than acceptable error range, especially with Panasonic Viera TH-55CX700S TV. Blue had a large error in saturation but as we find blue difficult to see in slight variations, it will be Panasonic Viera TH-55CX700S TV in the vast majority of viewing material.

If you were just going to go with the out of the box settings above, then the results with on-screen material are excellent if accuracy without a full calibration is important to you.

Panasonic TXCX TechRadar

But we should be able to eek Panasonic Viera TH-55CX700S TV more performance out of the CX with a full calibration. Calibration We managed to massage the greyscale tracking with just a two point calibration to get all errors well into the unnoticeable range under 2 deltaE and gamma tracking at around the 2.

We accepted that we had to have some very slight undersaturation Panasonic Viera TH-55CX700S TV get luminance and saturation tracking correct. Errors were low enough that most viewers would never see any issues with actual on-screen material.


Out of the box is very accurate for a consumer TV as long as you set it up correctly for the environment it is used in. Input Lag Using our Leo Bodnar lag tester we recorded Panasonic Viera TH-55CX700S TV time of There is a Game Mode on the CX but it doesn't affect input lag as we measured exactly the same result.

The chassis measures in at 4cm wide which gives the speakers some air to move and as such it provides a reasonable performance. There is little in the way of stereo separation given the width of the screen, so overall what sound you have is clear and functional for normal living room use, but no more than that.

For the first part of our testing it was placed in a normal living room with two large windows and lots of light in the room. The last part of testing was done in our light controlled cinema room. Panasonic are taking feedback from end users and the UK market in general seriously and as a result all their LED LCD TVs in are using VA panels for their strong black levels, but also using their own engineering to make the panel structure more transparent for efficient light driving married to the intelligent local dimming tech on board. As such, off axis is certainly not as bad as other VA panels we have seen recently from Samsung which points to the Panasonic Viera TH-55CX700S TV provider as someone else. Looking at black levels we measured a 0IRE raster at 0. Set correctly the backlight uniformity is very good with just a little bit of light pooling seen on the bottom left and right of our TV when there was a black field or image on screen.

The local dimming was evident in use and when switching inputs such as Netflix main menus to actual content watching with visible dimming between the mode switches.

Our only other real comment about the backlight is when you have an all-white screen some adverts have such things the very far edges of the screen appear darker than the centre of the screen. Again, this is only visible with an all-white source. During end titles back background with white text of films Panasonic Viera TH-55CX700S TV TV shows you could also spot that whites were dimmed and it was possible to make out the backlight zone as there was a slight halo.

However, once again this was only visible if you looked for it and with specific scenes or instances that make up very little of your overall viewing material. These comments are again made in best settings and calibrated picture modes and in rooms with ambient lighting. Watching in pitch black conditions and haloing and other issues were slightly more visible. Use dynamic or natural with brighter backlight settings and issues like these, or downsides of LCD tech, in particular, will be made even more obvious by over-driving the image. Image integrity held well up to around 30 degrees before wash-out and navy blacks started to set in. For a VA panel that is quite good. The Premium 4K TV with New Smart Platform. As well as reinforcing its 4K resolution with "HEXA Chroma Drive" and bright panel, this TV's easy-to-use functions makes it great at reaching various kinds Panasonic Viera TH-55CX700S TV contents with intuitive operation.

*This image shows the THCX Specs - THCXS - LED TV - As well as reinforcing its 4K resolution with "HEXA Chroma Drive" Panasonic Viera TH-55CX700S TV bright panel, this TV's easy-to-use functions makes it.

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