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Supported systems: Windows 2K, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64 bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 10
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Signal Ground DTR: Data Terminal Ready TX: Transmit Data ADLINK cPCI-3534 Clear to Send DCD: Name No. Transmit Data: Clear to Send: At first, the contents in the package and unpacking information that you should care about are described. The serial communication modules are plug-and-play and very easy to install into cPCI system.


Save the shipping materials and carton in case you want to ship or store the product in the future. The module should be done on a grounded anti-static mat.

The operator should be wearing an anti-static wristband, grounded at the same point as the anti-static mat. Inspect the module carton for obvious damage. Shipping and handling may cause damage to your module. Be sure there are no shipping and handing damages on the module before processing. After opening the module carton, extract the system module and place it only on a grounded anti-static surface component side up. Again inspect the module for damage. Press down on all the socket IC's to make sure that they are properly seated.

Do ADLINK cPCI-3534 only with the module place on a firm flat surface. ADLINK cPCI-3534

You ADLINK cPCI-3534 now ready to install your cPCI Module. Turn off your cPCI computer system. Turn off all accessories printer, modem, monitor, etc.

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Select a cPCI slot. Before handling the serial communication module, discharge any static buildup on your body by touching the metal case of the computer.

Hold the edge and do not touch the components. Position the module into the cPCI slot you selected.

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Secure ADLINK cPCI-3534 module in place of the system. The address assignment is done on a board-by-board basis for all serial communication cards in the system. The jumper SW for cPCI and the JP1 for cPCI is used for the system to recognize the first or second card of the same model in the system if there are two ADLINK cPCI-3534 of the same on board. The SW for cPCI is used for the system to recognize the card number of the same model in the system if there are more than two cards of the same on board.

Please refer to Chapter 1 for pin assignment. Start the [Control ADLINK cPCI-3534 applet by double clicking the icon in the [Program Managers] main group.


When prompted ADLINK cPCI-3534 the path, specify the drive and directory where the NCPA can find the new driver for the card you install. For cPCI, we may specify as follow: Now, you can follow the configuration dialog boxes to install the driver.

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We can install up to two same type serial communication cards in one NT system. If you install two the same type serial communication modules with switch ON or ADLINK cPCI-3534 simultaneously, we can not confirm that both cards will active properly. If you install multiple cards in one NT system simultaneously, please confirm that the COM port number assigned do ADLINK cPCI-3534 overlap for different card.

Or you may have improperly operation in your system. If you had installed our NT driver in your system before, you might remove this driver firstly, then you can install our new version driver. Or ADLINK cPCI-3534 might have some problem in your system. Please follow the instruction message to input ADLINK cPCI-3534 COM port number starting value for the first and second cards. So the switch will play the role for system to fix the COM port number for each card. After you had installed the driver, you might be informed to have new hardware found.

Adlink NuIPC Asynchronous Serial Communication Module CPCI-3534

We ship orders Monday - Friday. Items do not ship on weekends or holidays. Serial Communication,4/8-port Asynchronous Serial Communications Modules. cPCI ADLINK Technology Interface Modules 4-PORT ASYNC SERIAL COMMUNICATION cPCI ADLINK cPCI-3534, inventory, & pricing.

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