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The six-cell battery juts out from the bottom of the VAIO W a full three quarters of an inch, which gives the netbook a useful forward incline but also a noticeable thickness in the back. Though it's not as svelte as some of our favorite netbooks, Sony Vaio VPCP114KXW Sensor weighs the standard 2.

The chassis is made from 20 percent recycled CDs. There's no Sony Vaio VPCP114KXW Sensor packaging to throw out when you buy this netbook--it comes in a carrying case made from Sony Vaio VPCP114KXW Sensor PET bottles. However, we would have liked to see the green theme extended to the software package, with Sony making it easy for users to monitor and adjust how much energy the VAIO W uses similar to Toshiba's eco Utility.


Charging the battery after it was fully drained took 3 hours and 45 minutes. Owing to its relatively short battery life 6: While that score is equal to the category average, it's worse than most other Pine Trail netbooks Sony Vaio VPCP114KXW Sensor tested. After streaming a Hulu video for 15 minutes, we measured the temperature on the touchpad at 82 degrees Fahrenheit; the space between the G and H keys reached 87 degrees; and the middle of the underside rose to 96 degrees.

Sony VAIO W Series Eco Edition Review

Though the underside's temperature is right at the cusp of our "acceptable" threshold below degreeswe were never uncomfortable using the VAIO W on our lap. Keyboard and Touchpad We wish that Sony had made the keyboard larger; there's half an inch Sony Vaio VPCP114KXW Sensor extra space on either side that serves no purpose other than to show off the deck's pattern.

This resulted in a severely undersized right Shift key, which is crammed to the left Sony Vaio VPCP114KXW Sensor the Up arrow. Keys on the left edge of the keyboard are also smaller than we like, and may annoy frequent keyboard shortcut users.

Sony VAIO VPCPKX/D Laptops Drivers Download and Update for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista

Still, Sony Vaio VPCP114KXW Sensor metal keys were responsive and springy, offering good travel. We were able to reach our normal typing speed and low error rate relatively quickly, but we still much prefer the layouts on the Toshiba mini NB and HP Mini The relatively large 2.


We didn't have to pick up our finger too much when moving the cursor across the screen. The two discrete mouse buttons were responsive and springy as well. Despite the extra pixels on the glossy HD display, it never seemed as though icons or Web elements were too small. We appreciated the extra screen real estate when viewing Web sites and playing games. The glossiness of the display isn't overdone; we sometimes caught our reflection during dark scenes in Sony Vaio VPCP114KXW Sensor, but weren't distracted by it most of the time.

Vertical viewing angles are decent, though users won't experience the best of the screen's bright colors and deep blacks unless they push the screen all the way back. Unfortunately, it only goes back about 40 degrees past vertical. Due to the forward tilt from the battery, this means the screen has a limited useful vertical range. Horizontal angles are excellent. While Sony Vaio VPCP114KXW Sensor an episode of Torchwood, we had to view the display from a very oblique angle before we encountered color distortion. Three people can easily sit together to watch videos. Audio was about what we expect from netbooks. The biggest issue was volume: Hulu videos, which tend to be softer than music, were only just audible against soft background noise.

Songs that feature high, clear treble--such as S. Tucker's "Firebird's Child" and "Fast Cars" by Udidn't sound bad, but tracks that feature bass will feel incomplete.

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Even the acoustic "Patience" by Guns N' Roses came out muddy and indistinct. Otherwise, the spread is about the same as we've seen on other systems. Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Dispose of used battery promptly. Keep away from children. Changing the back up battery. Always follow the original design when mounting parts and routing wires The original layout includes various safety features, such as inclusion of insulating materials tubes and tape and the mounting of parts above the printer board. In addition, internal wiring has been routed and clamped so as to keep it away from hot or high-voltage Sony Vaio VPCP114KXW Sensor.

When mounting parts or routing wires, therefore, be sure to duplicate the original layout.

When handling flexible print boards Remember that hard disk drives are easily damaged by vibration. Sony VAIO VPCPKX/W Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Sony VAIO VPCPKX/W User Manual, Specification Sheet. Benefits and improvements.


This utility updates the VAIO Sensor driver to version to enable compatibility with the Windows® Sensor and Location.

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