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A rough block diagram of the presenter dongle So I decided to try and intercept the traffic, by just buying a CYRF IC, connecting it to an Arduino and set it to listen to packets. One of the problems I realized at an early stage was that the CYRF has a lot of configurable parameters channel, transmit mode, preamble, SOP-code etc. This makes it quite hard to create a universal sniffer as it Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection constantly have to hop between a lot of possibilities.

If the SOP-code of the sender and receiver don't match no packets will be received. Brute-forcing an 8-byte value over the air is impractical, and you would have to do it for all one-hundred channels, all four packet-modes etc. Hardware reverse engineering Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection the way to go here. The leads on the Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection are quite tiny so they are hard to probe, but the processor is of a more convenient size and easy to put an IC clip on which I already owned. The pin-out is freely available on the internet. You could also probe the processor on the presenter, but it is somewhat harder because the IC is smaller.

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Sniffing the Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection The SPI bus uses four wires: The MISO and MOSI wires contain data one wire for receiving, the other for sendingthe other two do not contain data but are necessary for proper communication. Wikipedia has a good article on SPI if you want some more information.

I hadn't done any SPI bus sniffing before but knew Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection would need a logic analyser to do so. Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection software that comes with it has built-in support for decoding SPI. The software gives you a really nice low-level view of the communication ones and zeroes or bytes but if you buy a license for the 'pro' version, you can also look at decoded and interpreted data register reads and writes in our case with the Packet Presenter. Some alternatives are made by Zeroplus and Saleae.

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There is even an open Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection logic analyser available from Dangerous Prototypes. They only implemented a couple of the 44 registers, but with a lot of typing and datasheet reading, I completed the file with the capability to interpret all registers. Some SPI traffic displayed in the Packet Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection The next step is actually sniffing the data, which is not that hard once you get the hang of it. Then you can use the Cypress datasheet and development guides to see what all of those registers.

With this device I could listen in on the communication between the presenter and the dongle and quickly started to notice patterns.

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The breadboard has some resistors to connect the 5V Arduino to the 3. I replayed the packets I observed going over the air and was able to send a 'next slide' command!


By when I changed the first packet to 45 0E, the Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection 'k' appeared on my screen; it was possible to send custom keystrokes! After a bit of googling I found out that 0E and 4E are standard USB scancodes for those two keys so it's easy to look up any key you want. The 41 00 packet is a key-up event. Some more googling I found out that you can use modifiers such as Shift, Alt and Control and also the 'Windows' key.


This means if Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection put this dongle in your PC, I can send it keystrokes and execute commands! A different presenter will be configured in a different way so they won't interfere with each other. So I bought a different Logitech presenter, an Rwhich was first introduced in August This posed a problem as I wanted to sniff the communication between the processor and the radio, but if these are both in one IC you cannot sniff the bus. So I traced the pins on the CYRF and found out these are connected to some Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection pads on the circuit board of the R presenter.


So I soldered a couple of wires to the test pads to gain easy access to the SPI bus with the logic analyser. I found out this device is pretty similar to the R-R presenter.

The only thing configured differently were the channel and the SOP-code. In some cases, Cypress seems to call these 'sub-channels'. The R presenter circuit board with some wires soldered to it so Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection can be connected to the logic analyser. The crocodile clips are connected to the two batteries as I had to remove the original battery compartment to gain easy access. So Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection simply cycling through the 98 channels and 11 SOP-codes so combinations I could send keystrokes to both the R-R and R, pretty easy.

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Another great thing about the Cypress based IC's is that they support auto-acknowledgements. When you enable this feature and send a packet, you can then simply check a register to see whether an Logitech R-R0001 Pointer Connection packet was received. This is all handled by the chip so you don't have to write a lot of code to support it. GHz Cordless Presenter Model Number: R-RB5; R-R Q: How do I connect/sync the Cordless GHz Presenter with the Q: Does the Cordless GHz Presenter allow you to move the mouse pointer on the screen.

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