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Unfortunately users have to fight with the cable collection at the back of the PC instead, with the motto: The user has to buy it from an electronics store and does not even know whether that specific infrared kit works with his motherboard. If you are a USB fan and have Soltek SL-75KV connected keyboard and mouse to this interface, you quickly run into problems if these devices do not allow a pass-through. The number of USB peripherals is growing! More and more digital cameras, monitors or audio systems have these interfaces. Asus is the only manufacturer in this comparison that offers three additional USB ports on his A7V motherboard. Driver Installation Problem I: We observed only low frame rates under Windows The AK33 reports "".

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This is irrelevant under Windows 98, however, because the device Soltek SL-75KV does not matter. Therefore Windows 98 users will not encounter this problem.

This is the correct version: The KT chipset reports "" to the operating system. You only need an update if the boot screen shows a date before August. As we already mentioned in the previous paragraph there are no more problems with the initial installation of the 4-in-1 drivers. Windows always asks for a file catalog that is not in the driver collection. It's actually not needed! Pressing the Skip File button three times during the installation remedies the problem. The UDMA mode can be activated later without any negative consequences. The following scenario creates the same problem: Some BIOS updates change the resources of the motherboard. In this Soltek SL-75KV Windows switches to the "Winstupid" mode, which is similar to temporary amnesia. For example the hardware detection starts up and distributes the resources again.

In our tests VIA's Busmaster driver often made problems.


On many occasions the driver switches to the lame PIO mode without any Soltek SL-75KV. Most are equipped with only a small codec chip. For those the processor has to divert some computing power to the audio part, at least in theory. It requires its' own interrupt. Contrary to a cheap codec chip, the CMI allows assigning functions to the inputs and outputs on the mentioned motherboards. All it takes is 'reprogramming' one audio connection usually line-in.


Similar to the CMI it needs an interrupt. If you install the audio drivers you will notice that it is the same chip that sits on the Soundblaster PCI sound card. To enable 3D Soltek SL-75KV you can connect four speakers to the motherboard. In this case line-in becomes the second lineout if the function is activated. Despite the more popular brand name the Creative chip offers the same performance as the CMI In the test we had to find out that the differences between PCI sound and audio codec are minimal.

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The codec chips are definitely sufficient for regular stereo sound without 3D effects. July 28, Board Revision: For successful overclocking Soltek SL-75KV L1 bridges on the processor must be closed. One simple but effective tool is a graphite pin because the material is a good electric conductor.

There is not much to criticize about the layout, just that the DIMM clips obstruct the graphics card. Therefore the clips must be closed before Soltek SL-75KV a graphics card. Quite unusual is the fan on the Northbridge chip that is supposed to keep the temperature of the chipset component in a safe range even during overclocking. Unfortunately the board does not possess a sound codec, and one of the PCI slots must accommodate a sound card.

However, since the board has 6 PCI-slots a lack of resources should not be a problem. Soltek subsequently released their first Socket A entrant into the motherboard market, the Soltek SL 75KV. We have had the pleasure of reviewing 2 of their. SLKV+/75KV2/75JV/75JV2 without Soltek SL-75KV express written permission of Soltek Computer Inc.



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