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Type: Driver
File Name: soyo_sy_10976.zip
File Size: 30.2 MB
14 (3.64)
Downloads: 14
Supported systems: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP
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Memory has been upgraded to MB the maximum is MB, with 3 slots. The system is very stable and quite a decent performer.

For this system, the current GB Soyo SY-D6IBA EZ-SCSI is more than big enough. Can We Do Better? Is there a better board out there? That does not leave a lot of candidates.

1 Dec 98 - 7 Dec 98

Perhaps a Tyan Tiger ? With most of these boards, it is quite difficult to determine the fastest supported CPU model.

Many have just a single ISA slot, which is again a minus. Any suggestions, dear readers?

Is there a vintage board which is in all respects at least as good or better than the BP6? Addendum After some research, Soyo SY-D6IBA EZ-SCSI looks like Slot 1 is indeed the way to go. Editor Away Notice Just to let you know that I'll be away for the next 2 days.

Of course, that does NOT mean the site will not get updated, it just means more pressure on Kan to keep you happy! It has been a wonderful weekend doing the Banshee review and reading all your mails. But for Soyo SY-D6IBA EZ-SCSI coming two days, I'll have to let the mails pile up and unanswered.

However, I'll be sure to respond to them as soon as I return. This is a super hectic month for me, after this short getaway, I'll be flying off the Korea for a holiday till Christmas. So please give Kan all your support during this period. I'm not sure if this is an isolated case, but if you suspect that the jerkiness or occassional lockups in your games are due to heat problems on your Spectra, you might want to read this: I just wanted to make a small user contribution to your Canopus Spectra reviews. Soyo SY-D6IBA EZ-SCSI

Anyway, I was curious to find out why it ran so hot, even with a heatsink-fan. I noticed that the heatsink-fan did Soyo SY-D6IBA EZ-SCSI get as hot as the backside of the card.

Essential Drivers

I thought at first the fan wasn't working but later thought that the problem is deeper, especially since I Soyo SY-D6IBA EZ-SCSI experience the occasional lockup or jerkiness whilst playing Shogo. These glitches would come up while playing Shogo with nothing but an empty room. No hard drive access, etc.

So, I could only assume it to be heat related with the Soyo SY-D6IBA EZ-SCSI FIXED I resorted to removing the heatsink fan and much to my amazement there was only a small patch of thermal grease in the centre of the chip and heatsink-fan. So, I quickly dropped some thermal grease on the heatsink fan and pressed it back on the chip while moving it around to create a very thin layer on the entire chip-heatsink-fan combo. Clean up any excess and put it all back together. With the system running and case open I ran through some Shogo and Final Reality to find no more lockups or the usual glitches. The heatsink-fan is now much warmer to the touch, so I know the thermal grease is allowing for the proper dissipation of heat.

Soyo SY-D6IBA EZ-SCSI This is a SCSI management program, suitable only for DOS and win (Please read the explanation in the EZ-SCSI manual, available under. This is a SCSI management program, suitable only for DOS and win (Please read the explanation in the EZ-SCSI manual, available under the manuals for.

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