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File Name: thecus_i4500r_41477.zip
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Supported systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows Vista
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With iSCSI and stack-ability, expanding the capacity of application servers is both quick and easy. Also, with built-in compatibility with external modules, the N can execute and run multiple applications at the same time, allowing it to handle a whole lot more Thecus i4500R NAS mere file storage.


Multiple File System Support To meet upcoming standards and ensure Thecus i4500R NAS compatibility and flexibility, the N offers support for ext3 and ZFS file systems. Users can select the system that they require and create the needed capacity for different applications.

Never has there been a NAS unit this powerful and flexible. With Nsync, users can have the Thecus i4500R NAS automatically upload files to an external storage device at a designated time.

Thecus introduces two new NAS devices - CNET

The N is also capable version control via a snapshot function with the ZFS file system, allowing users to efficiently create and restore remote backups. For users, the Thecus i4500R NAS is total data security and peace of mind. Offering massive storage capacity, advanced features, and blazingly-fast performance in a 2U unit, the N is poised to be the favorite NAS device for IT departments everywhere. The N delivers the performance and capacity that businesses demand.

Every organization is different. The N even offers support for ext3 and ZFS file systems for enhanced compatibility with existing networks.

Thecus i5500

The Thecus developers have thought a bit about expandability and upgradeability, though, and have developed APIs albeit rather convoluted ones for "third party plugin modules" and firmware upgrades. The Thecus firmware is okay, but not great. It Thecus i4500R NAS more like a Linux 2. As DIET-PC 3 is being designed with all of these things in mind, I am keen to see whether I can devise a drop-in replacement for the official firmware. It would provide a good test case for DIET-PC 3, provide more hardware flexibility for Linux hackers, and maybe squeeze a bit more performance out of the hardware.

This is really, really bad. Anecdotally, the N is capable of throughput nearly ten times this.

Thecus i - Unrivaled performance and security for modern enterprises

I had read Thecus i4500R NAS the original N which is based on almost exactly the same hardware, but using a more extensively modified 2. To gauge the impact of the kernel version on performance, I compiled a 2. I then reran speed tests on the same RAID 5 device. I also tried fine tuning the build of Thecus' 2. This kernel performed marginally better than the official one, with RAID 5 writes around 5.

If XOR checksum speeds are anything to go by, it appears that my experimental 2. That means that you can't access the serial console unless you're prepared to attack your NAS with a soldering iron and educated guesswork. If you you're just trying to do a one-off recoveryyou might be able to avoid the soldering iron and some of the guesswork by following these instructions from the Thecus Wiki. I haven't Thecus i4500R NAS summoned up sufficient courage to attempt soldering a pin block onto my own unit.

Fortunately all is not lost, because RedBoot has a network access feature. When the device is powered up, you have by default a one second Thecus i4500R NAS to access Thecus i4500R NAS via telnet to by default Need to add more storage capacity to the i/iR but can't afford the downtime? The i/iR features online RAID capacity expansion, which. For users that need their data in a hurry, the i/iR has them covered. The i/iR brings unparalleled data throughput via iSCSI.

With a powerful.

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