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Copyright Statement Copyright Statement All the photos and product specifications mentioned in this manual are for references only, as the upgrading of software and hardware.

They are subject to change TOTOLINK N300RH-V3 Router notice. No part of the specifications may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative such as translation, transformation, or adaptation without permission from TOTOLINK. About This Guide 1.

This guide will introduce the features of this router and tell you how TOTOLINK N300RH-V3 Router connect, use and configure the router to access Internet. QoS function allocates network bandwidth reasonably.

Totolink NRH User Manual

Supports SSH Server function to ensure the security of remote login. Setup Wizard TOTOLINK N300RH-V3 Router the basic settings of the router. The Power socket is where you will connect the power adapter. This port connects the router to local PC. Set Up The Computer 3. Both of these parameters can be changed as you want. In this guide, we will use the default values for description. Connecting To Internet Figure Failure Ping command If the result displayed is similar to the figure TOTOLINK N300RH-V3 Router, it means that your PC has not connected to the router successfully. Please check it following below steps: Is the connection between your PC and the router correct?

If the above screen does not prompt, it means that your web-browser has been set to using a proxy. Now you have logged into the web interface of the router.

TOTO-LINK N300RH 300Mbps High Gain Wireless N Router

Users can simply finish the settings on this page to access Internet. After click Setup Operation Mode Button, the operation mode select interface will appear, please choose the proper mode refer to the introduction.


Router Mode In this mode, the device can copy and reinforce the existing wireless signal to extend the coverage of the signal, especially for a large space to eliminate signal-blind corners. It is good for extending your existing wireless coverage by relaying wireless signal. Page 14 IP Address: This IP will be used for the routing of the internal network it will be the Gateway IP for all the devices connected on the internal network. Page 15 Subnet Mask: This is used to define the device IP classification for the chosen IP address range.

Generally it is provided by your ISP. This is TOTOLINK N300RH-V3 Router IP address of the host router that resides on the external network and provides the point of connection to the next hop towards the Internet. If you choose one of them, please type in all the information that your ISP provided for this protocol: Page 18 Control SidebandThis function is to control the sideband of the radio channel. By default, it is Upper, and the Channel Number is The selectable Channel Number now will range from 1 to 9. Wireless Isp Client Mode 4. The wireless basic setting interface is obviously different from the Router mode.

NRH – TOTOLINK Indonesia

In this mode, you can enable Universal Repeater in this page. Wireless Client Mode 4. The settings will take effect soon.

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Then it will come back to the system status interface, and you can see the WISP status. The signal strength is also shown here.


TOTOLINK N300RH-V3 Router Wireless Basic Setting interface is Repeater Mode also different with the Router mode. Please After configuration, it will also come back to the system status interface, and you can see the Wi-Fi Configuration column.


Wireless Basic Setting interface is also different with the Router mode. Click Find Wi-Fi networks Button, the site survey interface will appear. You should click Site Survey button to scan the wireless TOTOLINK N300RH-V3 Router, and then choose one as upper AP. After selection please click next to continue the setup wizard.

Toto Link N300RH User Manual

NRH. Mbps Long Range Wireless N Router.

-Excellent Wi-Fi Connection over Long Distance Mbps Wireless TOTOLINK N300RH-V3 Router Speed -Extensive Wireless. NRH. Mbps Long Range Wireless N Router. Sangat baik koneksi Wi-Fi hingga jarak jauh; Mbps N Wireless N Speed; Extensive Wireless Coverage.

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